Analiza i Egzystencja (Jan 2018)

Pojęcie nieśmiertelności w filozofii Johna Harrisa (The notion of immortality in John Harris's philosophy)

  • Bartosz Pokorski

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 43


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The notion of immortality in John Harris's philosophy The main goal of this article is to analyze the notion of immortality, to place it in the context of bioethical debate over the concept of human enhancement and to present problems related to these issues. In the text, I attempt to briefly discuss the question of human enhancement in reference to the technological progress and Harris's program of enhancing evolution. Afterwards I try to show what for Harris immortality is, what types of it he distinguishes, why is it worth dealing with and how. Finally, I present the main allegations against immortality and the way Harris opposes them. A side goal, or rather a postulate, is my attempt to propose a direction for further research both on the issue of immortality and in the field of human enhancement.