Archives of Metallurgy and Materials (Jun 2015)

Fabrication Of YSZ Thin Film By Electrochemical Deposition Method And The Effect Of The Pulsed Electrical Fields For Morphology Control

  • Fujita T.,
  • Saiki A.,
  • Hashizume T.

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 60, no. 2
pp. 945 – 948


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In this study, surface morphology control ions in a precursor solution and patterning the YSZ film has been carried out during deposition of thin film from a precursor solution by applying the electrical field for deposition and the pulsed electrical field. The precursor solution was mixed them of ZrO(NO3)4, Y(NO3)3-6H2O into deionized water, and then was controlled nearly pH3 by adding NH3(aq). The thin film was deposited on the glass substrate of the minus electrode side by applying the electrical field of 3.0 V for 20 min. In addition, another pulsed voltage was applied to the electrical field along the perdicular direction to the film deposition direction. After annealing samples at 773 K for 6 h in air, the film was crystallized and obtained YSZ film. In the limited condition, the linear patterns of YSZ films due to the frequency of the applied electrical field were observed. It is expected that ions in a precursor solution are controlled by applying the pulsed voltage and the YSZ film is patterned on the substrate.