Antarctic Record (Nov 1972)

Report of the Japanese Summer Parties in Dry Valleys, Victoria Land : X. A Preliminary Report of the Geophysical and Geochemical Studies at Lake Vanda and in the Adjacent Dry Valleys in 1971-1972 (Reports of the Japanese Antarctic Research Expedition)

  • Tetsuya TORII,
  • Yuki YUSA,
  • Kinshiro NAKAO,

Journal volume & issue
no. 45
pp. 76 – 88


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Geophysical and geochemical studies in the Lake Vanda area of the Dry Valleys of South Victoria Land were carried out from the beginning of November, 1971, to the middle of January, 1972, with supplementary studies at Don Juan Pond, Don Quixote Pond, Lake Bonney, and a preliminary survey of the Victoria Valley. The main subjects for study were : pH ; water and ice temperatures ; electrical conductivity ; nutrient matters such as SiO_2-Si, PO_4-P, NH_4-N, NO_2-N, NO_3-N ; thickness and density of the lake ice ; ice ablation ; the melting at the lower surface of the lake ice ; solar radiation ; and routine weather observations.