E3S Web of Conferences (Jan 2020)

A web system to engage people to reducing the environmental footprint of a school

  • Bruno Luís,
  • Rodrigues Elsa

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 171
p. 02001


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This paper describes the development study of a solution to promote the Eco-Schools program for a higher school (ESTIG). The solution should communicate the actions and results of the Eco-Schools program, raise awareness from school all members to environmental education and involve the school community to save resources and to make selective waste collection through their monitoring. This Web system is composed by a front-office and a back-office and was developed according to principles and techniques of the software engineering area. The front-office were validated through user tests with 23 participants. In general, for generic tasks participants found the system easy to use and it was efficient and effective. For a more complex tasks participants had more difficulties to use and the system didn’t present so efficient and effective. There is a space to improve this system in order to involve more school members to environmental protection and education extended to other schools.