Innovaciones de Negocios (Jan 2015)

El entorno social como elemento a considerar para predecir la ciudadanizacion de los trabajadores dentro de la organizacion

  • Maria Mayela Teran Cazares,
  • Maria Eugenia Garcia de la Pena,
  • Monica Blanco Jimenez

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 23, no. 12
pp. 133 – 151


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This study analyzes the relationship between the social environment, which is defined in this study in relation to social values and religious beliefs of the individual and how these affect organizational citizenship behaviors. For this, a sample of employees from various public agencies belonging to the areas of service and support to the community in a city in the north of Mexico was studied. It created and implemented a survey based on the theory to measure the impact of the environment citizens in social behaviors of employees in these organizations, seeking to know their conduct and behavior and if these social behaviors were developed within their social environments. In this research the relationship of these elements in the public behavior is tested.