Antarctic Record (Sep 1979)

Activities of the Wintering Party of the 18th Japanese Antarctic Research Expedition in 1977-1978


Journal volume & issue
no. 66
pp. 123 – 140


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Thirty men of the wintering party occupied Syowa Station and Mizuho Station from February 1, 1977 to January 31, 1978, carrying out observations in many scientific disciplines, particularly laying emphasis on the upper atmosphere physics in connection with research programs of the International Magnetospheric Study (IMS). At Syowa Station, in addition to the observations of aurora, geomagnetism, ionosphere, meteorology, seismology, marine geomorphology, ocean tide, biology, and medical science, the major research program covers the launching of 6 sounding rockets, reception of data signals from scientific observation satellites, and launching of large balloons to carry out the IMS project. Mizuho Station was continuously occupied by 4 men in rotation so as to carry out observations of upper atmosphere physics, glaciology, and meteorology. An unmanned geophysical observation station "AI" was established at 69°47'S and 41°35'E in January 1977, and the record of geomagnetism, ionospheric absorption, and elimatological elements was obtained.