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The mixed hypergraphs

Computer Science Journal of Moldova. 1993;1(1(1)):45-52


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Journal Title: Computer Science Journal of Moldova

ISSN: 1561-4042 (Print)

Publisher: Institute of Mathematics and Computer Science of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova

Society/Institution: Institute of Mathematics and Computer Science of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova

LCC Subject Category: Science: Mathematics: Instruments and machines: Electronic computers. Computer science

Country of publisher: Moldova, Republic of

Language of fulltext: English

Full-text formats available: PDF



V. Voloshin (Department of Mathematics and Cybernetics, Moldova State University, Chisinau, 277009, Moldova)


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Time From Submission to Publication: 16 weeks


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We introduce the notion of an anti-edge of a hypergraph, which is a non-overall polychromatic subset of vertices. The maximal number of colors, for which there exists a coloring of a hypergraph using all colors, is called an upper chromatic number of a hypergraph H and denoted by `c(H). The general algorithm for computing the numbers of all colorings of mixed (containing edge and anti-edge sets) hypergraphs is proposed. Some properties of mixed hypergraph colorings and its application are discussed.