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Verbum et Ecclesia. 2007;28(2):742-756 DOI 10.4102/ve.v28i2.356


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Journal Title: Verbum et Ecclesia

ISSN: 1609-9982 (Print); 2074-7705 (Online)

Publisher: AOSIS

Society/Institution: University of Pretoria, Centre for Ministerial Development of the Dutch Reformed Church (Exelsus)

LCC Subject Category: Philosophy. Psychology. Religion: Religions. Mythology. Rationalism: Religion (General)

Country of publisher: South Africa

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<p>Arnold, B T & Williamson, H G M (eds) 2005. Dictionary of the Old Testament: Historical Books.</p><p>Nouwen, H 2007.� Die terugkeer van die verlore seun. �n� Ware verhaal oor tuiskoms (vertaal deur Pieter de Villiers).</p><p>Snyman, G F 2007.� Om die Bybel anders te lees. �n Etiek van Bybellees.</p><p>Barnard, M 2006. Liturgie voorbij de liturgische beweging. Zoeter-meer</p><p>Roberts, C C 2007.� Creation and Covenant. The significance of sexual difference in the moral theology of marriage.</p><p>Stevenson, Peter K &� Wright, Stephen I 2005.� Preaching the atonement.</p>