Kelaniya Journal of Management (Oct 2021)

Exploring the Barriers in Developing Social Innovation and Sustainopreneurship in Sri Lanka

  • Perera J.,
  • Abeysekera R.

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 10, no. Special issue
pp. 37 – 48


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The interconnection between innovation, entrepreneurship, and sustainable development is a subject of immense concern these days, as society considers answers leading to sustainable development. Further, Social Innovations play a significant role in the development of Sustainopreneurship in the context of sustainable development. Given this context; this study investigates the barriers in developing the Social Innovation and Sustainopreneurship barriers in Sri Lanka. The study used the multiple case study method, and data were collected via in-depth interviews with fifteen Sustainopreneurs in Sri Lanka. The study's findings reveal several barriers in developing Social Innovations and Sustainopreneurship as; a) competition arises from non-sustainable businesses, b) lack of government support, c) high prices, and d) people’s attitude towards Social Innovations and Sustainopreneurship. Due to the dearth of research conducted on this area, this study contributes to the Social Innovations and Sustainopreneurship literature. The recommendations provide useful information for future strategic developments to practitioners and policymakers.