El comercio como plataforma de la política exterior colombiana en la administración de Juan Manuel Santos

Colombia Internacional. 2012;(76):259-292


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Journal Title: Colombia Internacional

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Publisher: Universidad de los Andes

Society/Institution: Universidad de los Andes, Departamento de Ciencia Política

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Country of publisher: Colombia

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Luis Fernando Vargas-Alzate

Santiago Sosa

Juan David Rodríguez-Rios


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This paper analyzes Colombia's foreign policy during the first year of the Santos administration from a liberal perspective. It explores the relation between the country's international commerce and its diplomatic actions by using statistical data and official and academic reports about the contemporary international relations. The authors argue that the commercial liberalism is a useful perspective for the analysis of Colombia's current foreign policy, especially by using the concept of the capitalist peace because the authors have found in commerce a basic platform for the country's international relations.