International Journal of Industrial Engineering and Production Research (2017-03-01)

Biogeography-Based Optimization Algorithm for Automatic Extractive Text Summarization

  • Hossein MirShojaee,
  • Behrooz Masoumi,
  • Esmaeel Zeinali

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 28, no. 1
pp. 75 – 84


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    Given the increasing number of documents, sites, online sources, and the users’ desire to quickly access information, automatic textual summarization has caught the attention of many researchers in this field. Researchers have presented different methods for text summarization as well as a useful summary of those texts including relevant document sentences. This study selects extractive method out of different summarizing methods (e.g. abstract method). Extractive method involves summarizing text through objective extraction of some parts of a text like word, sentence, and paragraph. A summarization issue would be unsolvable by exact methods in a reasonable time with considering documents with high amount of information (NP complete). These kinds of issues are usually solved using metaheuristic methods. A biogeography-based optimization algorithm (BBO), which is a new metaheuristic method in the domain of extractive text summarization, is used in this article.