Історико-політичні проблеми сучасного світу (Jun 2022)

Georgia’s and Ukraine’s Cooperation With NATO: Past, Status Quo and Future Perspective

  • Irina Tkeshelashvili

Journal volume & issue
no. 45


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Georgia and Ukraine have the strongest institutional, legal, and practical ties to NATO among post-Soviet states. The progressive strengthening of relations with the North Atlantic Alliance is a means for both nations to attain a future strategic objective in this direction – NATO membership. Georgia and Ukraine are implementing reforms for this purpose, displaying their dedication to democratic society's guiding ideals. Furthermore, governments are making systematic efforts to conform to Alliance military standards. Russia's growing hostility is a major impediment to Georgia and Ukraine joining NATO. The events of the war in August 2008 and the war on Ukrainian territory, which began in 2014, demonstrate that the Kremlin is willing to engage in open military aggression to prevent Georgia and Ukraine from joining NATO. The Kremlin's geopolitical goals have been severely hampered by Russia's large-scale conflict with Ukraine. But, despite significant help from Western governments to the Ukrainian state, including military aid, the question of Ukraine's and Georgia's participation in NATO remains open.