Risk management at the level of agricultural organizations

Scientific Papers Animal Science and Biotechnologies. 2014;47(2):284-287


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Journal Title: Scientific Papers Animal Science and Biotechnologies

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Genoveva Buzamat (USAMVB -Faculty of Animal Sciences and Biotehnologies Timisoara)

Sirbu Corina (USAMVB Timisoara)

Pet Elena (USAMVB Timisoara)

Cretescu Iuliana (USAMVB Timisoara)

Erina Silvia (USAMVB Timisoara)

Baul Simona (USAMVB Timisoara)


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In agriculture, as in other production branches of the economy, there businesses which have two main objectives: on short term – achieve profit and on long term – the viability of the company (economic growth and stability). Even if the risk management practice can vary from one company to another, some elements are common for the risk management programs. These are: mission identification, risk assessment and of the risk control uncertainty, risk financing, risk administration. In this study we identify the risk categories and we establish methods to prevent them. The studied organization has as activity object the cereals and technical plants culture.