Estimating Quantiles of Two Exponential Populations with a Common Location Parameter Using Censored Samples

Journal of Statistical Theory and Applications (JSTA). 2018;17(1) DOI 10.2991/jsta.2018.17.1.10


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Journal Title: Journal of Statistical Theory and Applications (JSTA)

ISSN: 1538-7887 (Print); 2214-1766 (Online)

Publisher: Atlantis Press

LCC Subject Category: Science: Mathematics: Probabilities. Mathematical statistics

Country of publisher: France

Language of fulltext: English

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Adarsha Kumar Jena

Manas Ranjan Tripathy


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Estimation of quantiles of two exponential populations is considered assuming equality of location parameters using censored samples from a decision theoretic point of view. Sufficient conditions for inadmissibility of estimators in certain classes have been derived. Consequently some complete class results as well as estimators dominating the MLE and the UMVUE are obtained. Finally all the proposed estimators have been numerically compared and recommended for use.