After the Bubble: The Survival and Ownership of Internet Marketplaces for Farmers and Agribusiness

Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics. 2005;30(3):502-519 DOI 10.22004/ag.econ.30979


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Journal Title: Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics

ISSN: 1068-5502 (Print); 2327-8285 (Online)

Publisher: Western Agricultural Economics Association

LCC Subject Category: Agriculture

Country of publisher: United States

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W. Parker Wheatley

Brian L. Buhr


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This paper presents a theory of how industry structure and beliefs about Internet marketplace use have driven choice and ownership of marketplaces. The theory's predictions suggest that surviving Internet marketplaces will be those with strong historical linkages in an industry and those owned by or affiliated with major commodity buyers. Comparisons of these predictions with actual outcomes provide validation of the theory. Where predictions differ from results, observations are made as to the nature of the deviations.