The French Section of CEDI: Contributions to a European Project (1952-1964)

Hispania. 2016;76(254):819-846 DOI 10.3989/hispania.2016.023


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Journal Title: Hispania

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Publisher: Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas

Society/Institution: Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas

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Antonio Cañellas Mas (Universidad de Alcalá/CIDESOC)


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The European Centre of Documentation and Information (CEDI) in France undertook an ambitious project of articulating a single conceptual framework shared by the various national sections in which the concept of «Europe of nations» would play an important role. The members of french delegation, most of whom were attached to the political movement led by De Gaulle, played an important role in creating a space for Spain within the EEC. Given the gradual rise of the French in the direction of CEDI (1962-1964), we are compelled to turn to various documentary sources, such as the personal archives of its president Edmond Michelet, and one of its principal promotors, Alfredo Sánchez Bella. We seek to identify the strategies and the degrees of collaboration of CEDI in a European project, supported on the claim of Christian and conservatives values.