Essai de lutte chimique contre la carie du blé en Tunisie

Tropicultura. 1997;15(2):80-83


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Journal Title: Tropicultura

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Country of publisher: Belgium

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Nasraoui, B.
Sammari, S.


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Chemical Control of Common Wheat Bunt Disease in Tunisia. In Tunisia, chemical treatment of common wheat seeds inoculated with common bunt (Tilletia foetidaj proved that the fungicides : flutriafol 2.5 % + thiabendazole 2.5 %, triticonazole 2.5 %, difenoconazole 3 % and copper oxyquinoleate betaxate 10 % + carboxin 50 % were efficient against the infection (less than 5 % ofthe spikes were infected). But, maneb 48 % and copper oxyquinoleate betaxate 10 % were relatively less efficient (5 to 10 % of the spikes were infected). Inoculated control had 43 % of bunted spikes.