Study of Effective Factors on The successful implementation of cultural events from the perspective of tourists, Case study SADEH celebration

مدیریت دولتی. 2015;7(4):699-720 DOI 10.22059/jipa.2015.57352


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Journal Title: مدیریت دولتی

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Mohsen Nazari (Department of Business Management, Faculty of Management, University of Tehran)

Zahed Ghaderi (Guest professor., Department of Business Management, Faculty of Management, University of Tehran)

Seyede Forozande Fazlavi (دانشجوی کارشناسی ارشد، مدیریت بازرگانی گرایش جهانگردی، دانشکدة مدیریت، دانشگاه تهران، تهران، ایران)


Double blind peer review

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Today event tourism is an important strategy for distributing tourism accurate and square in different areas and in different times. This research helps to fulfill the research gaps in terms of cultural events and also will try to survey the sensational elements in order to have a successful implement every year in Kerman province for Sadeh celebration. The research in terms of goal is practical and in terms of information is describing. The statistic society research, the tourists will be in the celebration for analyzing the theories and examining the relation between researches variables from approach making model of the structural equivalents for partial least square or PLS to be used. . For analyzing data of the research totally 109 questioners was correctly gathered and also analyzed by Smart-PLS software. The results has shown that from these three important elements, executing quality has got the most effective in terms of satisfaction, destination image and memorable experience to the minds of the tourists. The other variables of the research cannot have a meaningful effect on the 95% confidence of Successful Executing Events Indicators.