Biomolecules (Aug 2019)

Identification of SWI2/SNF2-Related 1 Chromatin Remodeling Complex (SWR1-C) Subunits in Pineapple and the Role of Pineapple SWR1 COMPLEX 6 (<i>Ac</i>SWC6) in Biotic and Abiotic Stress Response

  • Bello Hassan Jakada,
  • Mohammad Aslam,
  • Beenish Fakher,
  • Joseph G. Greaves,
  • Zeyun Li,
  • Weimin Li,
  • Linyi Lai,
  • Oyekunle Adenike Ayoade,
  • Yan Cheng,
  • Shijiang Cao,
  • Gang Li,
  • Jer-Ming Hu,
  • Yuan Qin

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 9, no. 8
p. 364


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Chromatin remodeling complex orchestrates numerous aspects of growth and development in eukaryotes. SWI2/SNF2-Related 1 chromatin remodeling complex (SWR1-C) is a member of the SWI/SNF ATPase-containing chromatin remodeling complex responsible for the exchange of H2A for H2A.Z. In plants, SWR1-C plays a crucial role by transcriptionally regulating numerous biological and developmental processes. However, SWR1-C activity remains obscure in pineapple. Here, we aim to identify the SWR1-C subunits in pineapple. By genome-wide identification, we found a total of 11 SWR1-C subunits in the pineapple. The identified SWR1-C subunits were named and classified based on the sequence similarity and phylogenetic analysis. RNA-Seq analysis showed that pineapple SWR1-C subunits are expressed differentially in different organs and at different stages. Additionally, the qRT-PCR of pineapple SWR1-C subunits during abiotic stress exposure showed significant changes in their expression. We further investigated the functions of pineapple SWR1 COMPLEX 6 (AcSWC6) by ectopically expressing it in Arabidopsis. Interestingly, transgenic plants ectopically expressing AcSWC6 showed susceptibility to fungal infection and enhanced resistance to salt and osmotic stress, revealing its involvement in biotic and abiotic stress. Moreover, the complementation of mutant Arabidopsis swc6 by pineapple SWC6 suggested the conserved function of SWC6 in plants.