Psihološka Obzorja (Dec 2000)

Social reality according to the interaction of the individuum with the social environment

  • Grega Repovš

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 9, no. 4
pp. 89 – 104


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Every social group is composed of individuals and a complex interaction between them. Individuals with their perceptual, cognitive, emotional and personality features influence group processes and phenomena and form their "social reality", which in turn influences perceptual, cognitive and emotional processes of its members and shapes their personality. A comprehensive understanding of social phenomena is possible only through a combination of different levels of description and explanation. One has to take into account cognitive abilities, structures and processes that form a necessary basis for development of a social being. One also has to understand how perceptual and cognitive processes form the experience of social content and social behavior. Researches need to study how the interaction between individuals gives rise to social phenomena, know how these phenomena develop and which rules they follow. Through the analysis of the elements that form the interaction between an individual and his surroundings, the paper tries to present a more clear understanding of possible meanings of social reality, as well as propose some guidelines for its further study.