Antarctic Record (Mar 2002)

Development of a tool to read out HRPT data of NOAA polar orbiter received at Syowa Station

  • Makoto Kuji,
  • Nobuyuki Kikuchi

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 45, no. 3
pp. 353 – 361


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A processing tool for HRPT data archived in the National Institute of Polar Research (NIPR) was developed to read out the data and display the images. This tool was created with a free C compiler and X window libraries on a UNIX workstation, making the ability to process the data independent of the facilities at NIPR and other institutions to some extent. The main features of this tool, at this stage, are the following : cutout of data for a specified region, display of images, and conversion from count values to radiance or brightness temperature, for AVHRR infrared channels (chs. 3,4,and 5). This tool is suitable for preliminary data processing over wide area rather than detailed data processing with match-up to ground observations on a pixel-by-pixel scale, because a detailed geometrical correction is not incorporated in this tool.