Political Negotiations – The Politics of Negotiations. Cognition and Recognition in the Rhetoric of Political Leaders

Res Rhetorica. 2019;6(2):61-79 DOI 10.29107/rr2019.2.5


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Journal Title: Res Rhetorica

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Publisher: Polskie Towarzystwo Retoryczne/ Polish Rhetoric Society

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The aim of the discussed article is to make an attempt at characterising the political variant of negotiations, at drawing reader’s attention to the components of political negotiations, as well as to point out possible perspectives of perceiving issues jointly creating political negotiations. Political negotiations are not a one-dimensional category. On the one hand, we are dealing with political negotiations, i.e. those that concern political affairs. Negotiators then tackle with issues and problems connected with politics and related subjects. On the other hand, there is the politics of negotiations. A specified way of being involved in politics that applies negotiations as a way of entangling an opponent or building political authority. The article presents issues of political negotiations from the perspective of rhetoric and social engineering, introducing two ways of comprehending negotiations – as cognition and recognition.