Chinese Journal of Population, Resources and Environment (Jun 2022)

Quantitative evaluation of the green production and consumption policies in China

  • Zhengxin Wang,
  • Yueqi Jv,
  • Minghuan Shou,
  • Gang Peng

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 20, no. 2
pp. 199 – 208


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Dual control of energy consumption is an effective method proposed in China to launch and deepen the transition in energy use. It has obtained favorable results; however, the resource consumption and pollution emissions per unit of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) remain high. This article quantitatively studies the current policies’ effects to promote the advancement of dual control of energy consumption and develop future policies. Green production and consumption policies promote the development of dual control of energy consumption; therefore, this paper examines these policies through text mining and a quantitative evaluation system. The results suggest strong state demand for developing green production and consumption and the necessity for scientific evaluation; however, the state’s focus on the relevant policy tools is imbalanced. Constraint policy tools have the highest proportion of restricting pollutant emissions but lack comprehensiveness. Incentive and guidance policy tools have the problems of poor targets and low volume. Additionally, by constructing policy modeling consistency (PMC) index models for evaluating green production and consumption policies, six selected policies indicate solid performance, but some still have problems regarding policy timeframe, policy function, and green process. Based on the conclusions, this paper provides some targeted recommendations.