Ekonomiczne Problemy Usług (Dec 2018)

The Low-Carbon Transport Fund as a Source of Financing the Electromobility Development in Poland

  • Bartosz Pilecki,
  • Andrzej Binka

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 133


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The Act on electromobility introduced in Poland, within the scope of its regulation, implements a European directive on the development of alternative fuels infrastructure, the aim of which is to minimize the dependence on oil and to reduce the impact of transport on the environment. An important factor in the development of electromobility in Poland is the increased availability of charging infrastructure. The aim of the publication is to analyze the Low-Emission Transport Fund in terms of financing the electromobility development in Poland. The article consists of four parts preceded by an introduction and ending with conclusions. The applied research methods are: critical analysis of the literature (theoretical approach to issues related to low-emission economy, electromobility and distribution system operators), secondary documents analysis (desk research) relying on presentation of included in legal acts and program documents assumptions and logical reasoning method contributing to presentation of applications and implementation of the purpose of publication. The conclusions included in the final part of the article concern the identification of the planes of the Low-Carbon Transport Funds impact in the context of its functioning as a financial instrument.