Soil Science Annual (Sep 2016)

Effect of slope position on soil particle-size distribution in young glacial landscape (Łyna River valley, NE Poland)

  • Sowiński Paweł

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 67, no. 3
pp. 140 – 150


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The aim of this paper was to characterize soil particle-size distribution (PSD) of in the middle part of young glacial Łyna River valley in relation to parent materials, soil forming processes and slope position. The study comprised rusty soils, arenosols, clay-illuvial soils, colluvial and alluvial soils located in four slope position: summit / midslope, footslope / toeslope, upper and lower part of floodplain. In order to describe the sedimentological environment and possible heterogenity of the soil formations, sedimentological and granulometric indices were calculated. The relationships between soil fractions in A horizons and environmental variables (slope position and depth of A horizon) were determined using principal component analysis (PCA).