Health Psychology Open (2020-11-01)

Support for families of isolated or deceased COVID-19 patients in sub-Saharan Africa

  • Francky Teddy Endomba,
  • Guy Sadeu Wafeu,
  • Arnauld Efon-Ekangouo,
  • Linda Djune-Yemeli,
  • Cyrille Donfo-Azafack,
  • Hugues C Nana-Djeunga,
  • Joseph Kamgno

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 7


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Aside the direct effect of the COVID-19 on infected patients, this infectious disease outbreak has various psychological consequences. These mental health repercussions pertain to the general population of uninfected individuals, and particularly families of isolated or deceased COVID-19 patients. This aspect is of substantial interest amid sub-Saharan African communities, considering the key place and cultural significance of mourning and funerals in these settings. In this commentary, we discuss on the issue of psychological and social support of COVID-19 patients’ families, by taking into account some sub-Saharan African cultural considerations.