Electronics (Aug 2021)

Smarter Robotic Sprayer System for Precision Agriculture

  • André Rodrigues Baltazar,
  • Filipe Neves dos Santos,
  • António Paulo Moreira,
  • António Valente,
  • José Boaventura Cunha

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 10, no. 2061
p. 2061


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The automation of agricultural processes is expected to positively impact the environment by reducing waste and increasing food security, maximising resource use. Precision spraying is a method used to reduce the losses during pesticides application, reducing chemical residues in the soil. In this work, we developed a smart and novel electric sprayer that can be assembled on a robot. The sprayer has a crop perception system that calculates the leaf density based on a support vector machine (SVM) classifier using image histograms (local binary pattern (LBP), vegetation index, average, and hue). This density can then be used as a reference value to feed a controller that determines the air flow, the water rate, and the water density of the sprayer. This perception system was developed and tested with a created dataset available to the scientific community and represents a significant contribution. The results of the leaf density classifier show an accuracy score that varies between 80% and 85%. The conducted tests prove that the solution has the potential to increase the spraying accuracy and precision.