Antarctic Record (Sep 1982)

Utilization of an NNSS receiver in the explosion seismic experiments on the Prince Olav Coast, East Antarctica 1. Recovered UTC

  • Kazuo Shibuya,
  • Katsutada Kaminuma

Journal volume & issue
no. 76
pp. 63 – 72


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A commercial 400MHz NNSS receiver was altered to recover and generate UTC synchronized BCD pulses of one pulse per second. The altered NNSS receiver was tested and ascertained that it could generate UTC within an overall accuracy of ±5ms in the antarctic region. By the aid of this NNSS receiver, shot times of explosion seismic experiments, which were made by the 21st Japanese Antarctic Research Expedition on the Prince Olav Coast, East Antarctica, could be determined within an overall accuracy of 5ms. Timing of a total of 30 clocks in the experiments could also be made within an accuracy of 0.01s under the bad operational conditions on a snow field.