Electronics (2014-11-01)

Towards Realizing High-Throughput, Roll-to-Roll Manufacturing of Flexible Electronic Systems

  • Xiaohui Lin,
  • Harish Subbaraman,
  • Zeyu Pan,
  • Amir Hosseini,
  • Chris Longe,
  • Klay Kubena,
  • Paul Schleicher,
  • Phillip Foster,
  • Sean Brickey,
  • Ray T. Chen

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 3, no. 4
pp. 624 – 635


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High-rate roll-to-roll (R2R) tracker systems are utilized for large volume flexible electronic device manufacturing, and the current alignment mechanism between layers is mainly achieved by relying on passive techniques. In this paper, we present a machine vision based alignment strategy that is used to achieve precise registration for stacking multilayers. Based on this strategy, we demonstrate two-layer printing with alignment accuracy better than 100 μm in web moving direction and 200 μm in lateral direction at a web rate of 5 m/min.