Annales Geophysicae (2021-06-01)

Whistler waves produced by monochromatic currents in the low nighttime ionosphere

  • V. G. Mizonova,
  • V. G. Mizonova,
  • P. A. Bespalov

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 39
pp. 479 – 486


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We use a full-wave approach to find the field of monochromatic whistler waves, which are excited and propagating in the low nighttime ionosphere. The source current is located in the horizontal plane and can have arbitrary finite distribution over horizontal coordinates. The ground-based horizontal magnetic field and electric field at 125 km are calculated. The character of wave polarization on the ground surface is investigated. The proportion in which source energy supplies the Earth–ionosphere waveguide or flows upward can be adjusted by distribution of the source current. Received results are important for the analysis of ELF/VLF emission phenomena observed both on the satellites and on the ground.