Formation of National-State Identity through the Sport of Higher Achievements (on the example of research in the Republic of North Ossetia – Alania)

Вестник Московского государственного областного университета. 2020;(1) DOI 10.18384/2224-0209-2020-1-986


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Journal Title: Вестник Московского государственного областного университета

ISSN: 2224-0209 (Online)

Publisher: Moscow Region State University Editorial Office

Society/Institution: Moscow Region State University

LCC Subject Category: Political science

Country of publisher: Russian Federation

Language of fulltext: Russian

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Tat'yana V. Evgen'eva (Lomonosov Moscow State University; Financial University under the government of the Russian Federation)

Eldar S. Khametov (Lomonosov Moscow State University)


Double blind peer review

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Purpose. The aim is to identify and consider the mechanism of formation of national-state identity with the help of symbols and images of sports of the highest achievements in North Ossetia - Alania.Methodology and Approach. The authors have conducted an empirical study using focused interviews of people not connected with sports. The topic of the focused interview is “the Role of sport of higher achievements in the formation of national and state identity” in the Republic of North Ossetia-Alania (50 respondents).Results. On the basis of the study conducted on the territory of the Republic of North Ossetia – Alania, the influence of high-level sports on ethno-territorial and national-state identity and their interaction was revealed, through the holding of sports mega-events and sports victories of “ their “ athletes.Theoretical and Practical Implications. Theoretical and practical importance of the study is that its results can be used in the development of scientific issues related to national and state identity on the one hand, and sports of higher achievements on the other hand.