Kairós Gerontologia (Sep 2012)

Minimum Map Relations of the Elderly: Analysis of reproducibility

  • Marisa Accioly Rodrigues Domingues,
  • Tiago Nascimento Ordonez,
  • Thais Bento Lima da Silva,
  • Thabata Cruz de Barros,
  • Meire Cachioni

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 14, no. 4
pp. 153 – 166


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The present study aims to verify the temporal stability of the Brazilian version of the Minimum Map of Relationships of the Elderly (in Portuguese, MMRI). The sample consisted of 28 individuals - 23 women and 05 men - with average age of 66.82 (± 6.38 years). The MMRI was applied twice (test and retest) through individual interviews with a 20-day interval, in order to obtain information about the social support of respondents. The results of this study indicate that the Minimum Map of Relationships of the Elderly (MMRI) displays a fair level of test-retest reproducibility when assessed by Pearson´s Correlation, and moderate reliability when assessed by Bland and Altman´s method (1986).