International Journal of Energy Economics and Policy (Jul 2018)

Energy Industry: Effectiveness from Innovations

  • Michael Evgenievich Kosov,
  • Ravil Gabdullaevich Akhmadeev,
  • Denis Aleksandrovich Smirnov,
  • Svetlana Petrovna Solyannikova,
  • Inna Nikolaevna Rycova

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 8, no. 4
pp. 83 – 89


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Putting the energy industry on the way of innovations is a task of utmost importance, whose success will shape up future development and competitiveness of emerging economies to a great extent. Research of the main trends of innovative development of distributed generation demonstrated that they are characterized by high spending both on installation of innovative power equipment and on its creation. Our research of financing in the Russian distributed energy and power engineering demonstrated that the bulk of capital investment is done from companies’ own funds, which points to the unaffordability of other funding instruments, credit included. Consequently, the process of creating and using innovations in distributed energy is accompanied by significant investment risks. This scientific research offers an approach to innovations in distributed energy based on coordination of economic interests of innovation process subjects with the aim of optimizing the task of looking for a threshold price through defining and comparing the effectiveness of a novelty for its creators, consumers and the state with the help of an internal rate of return. The use of a business approach to the introduction of innovations in the distributed energy will coordinate the interests of the producer of innovative equipment and the energy company. Such an approach will ensure co-financing of innovation research and development of all subjects of the relations.Keywords: innovation processes, power equipment, power energy, heat energy, economy, taxation, capital investment, energy efficiency, digital informationJEL Classifications: E22, G31