Studia Koszalińsko-Kołobrzeskie (Jan 2017)

(Nie)zdolność gimnazjalistów do owocnego przyjęcia bierzmowania

  • Janusz Mastalski

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 24


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The author of the article answers the question: What do we mean by one’s inability to receive fruitfully the sacrament of Confirmation? It is a lack of the conditions necessary to multiply graces associated with a particular sacrament. It is a kind of resistance to the use of all the gifts that are connected with the reception of the sacrament. This inability causes one to become a person who wastes the power given by the Lord. The author then discusses the reasons for this inability and simultaneously shows the factors which can enhance a human being’s fruitful reception of the sacraments, especially of the sacrament of Confirmation. Among the factors of inability, the author includes: netoholism, phonoholism (addiction to the internet and the cell phone), defamilization (the undoing of the family), “irresponsibilism”, epidermal (superficial) religiosity, psychocide and spiritocide (the killing of the psyche and the spirit), intrusiveness of global trends and the lack of pastoral creativity for today’s youth. The author also reveals factors which can promote the ability of teenagers to make the sacrament of Confirmation effectively: the multiplicity of methods of evangelization, modern affirmation of integral development, “plasticity” of personality, the desire for community resulting from development, the longing for the sacred and the search for a way to live.