Analiza i Egzystencja (Jan 2020)

Życie, szczęście, rozkwitanie. Wokół pojęcia ostatecznego celu człowieka w filozofii obiektywistycznej Ayn Rand

  • Ziemowit Gowin

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 52


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The aim of this paper is to present and analyze different formulations of human beings ultimate goal in Ayn Rand’s philosophy. I offer an analysis of Rand’s own formulations, namely that the ultimate goal is (i) one’s own life, (ii) one’s survival qua man, and (iii) one’s own happiness. The remainder of the paper is focused on two other possible formulations of the ultimate goal from an Objectivist perspective: (iv) one’s own flourishing and (v) happy life. My thesis is that all these formulations – both Rand’s and the two others – are not only compatible with each other but also complementary.