Italian Journal of Animal Science (Feb 2010)

Rumen microflora counts in milking buffalo cows fed maize silage and sorghum silage based diets

  • C. Pacelli,
  • S. Allegrini,
  • B. Ferri,
  • F. Grandoni,
  • A. Chiariotti,
  • S. Puppo

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 6, no. 2s
pp. 458 – 460


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4 cannulated buffalo milking cows were administered two different diets with the same energy and protein content based on maize silage (diet G1) and sorghum silage (diet G2). Total viable bacteria, cellulolytic and xilanolytic bacteria, fungi, protozoa and pH were determined on whole rumen content samples. Total viable bacteria, xilanolytic bacteria, fungi, protozoa counts and pH values did not show any significant difference between the two diets. Only the values regarding cellulolytic bacteria showed the tendency (P≤0,10) to be higher in diet G2 in comparison with diet G1. This fact was probably due to a lower content of indigestible fiber in diet G2 with respect to diet G1 (ADF 15.6 vs. 22.4 respectively).