Journal of the South African Veterinary Association (Jul 2000)

A preliminary study on the serum protein response in canine babesiosis : research communication

  • R.G. Lobetti,
  • A.J. Möhr,
  • T. Dippenaar,
  • E. Myburgh

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 71, no. 1
pp. 38 – 42


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Total serum protein, albumin, globulin, globulin fractions (alpha, beta and gamma globulins) and an acute-phase protein ((alpha)1-acid glycoprotein) were evaluated in dogs with naturally occurring mild (Group 1), severe (Group 2) or complicated babesiosis (Group 3). Results showed that the total serumprotein, albumin, A/G ratio and (alpha)globulins were statistically different between Groups 1 and 2. There was no statistical difference between groups with total, (beta)and (gamma) globulins. The findings from this study suggest that dogs with mild and severe babesiosis had low total serum proteins, albumin, A/G ratio and (alpha) globulins; dogs with complicated babesiosis showed no typical serum protein changes or patterns; and that there was no evidence of an acute-phase response detectable on serum protein electrophoresis in any of the 3 groups. A marked acute-phase response was, however, present, as measured by the (alpha)1-acid glycoprotein, in all 3 groups. As this was a retrospective study, the possibility that the observed responses were due in part to concurrent disease could not be excluded.