Flavonoids and a New Calamenene-type Sesquiterpene from Rhizomes of Alpinia oxymitra K. Schum. (Zingiberaceae)

Records of Natural Products. 2009;3(2):110-113


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Journal Title: Records of Natural Products

ISSN: 1307-6167 (Print)

Publisher: ACG Publications

LCC Subject Category: Science: Chemistry: Organic chemistry | Science: Botany

Country of publisher: Turkey

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Kusuma Jitsaeng
Bernd Schneider
Wanchai De-Eknamkul


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Chemical constituents of rhizomes of Alpinia oxymitra (Zingiberaceae) were investigated. Usingchromatographic techniques, two known flavonoids, epicatechin and galloepicatechin, were isolated together with a new calamenene sesquiterpene, (–)-(1R,4S)-8-hydroxy-13-calamenenoic acid. Structure elucidation of theisolated compounds was accomplished by means of spectroscopic techniques, especially NMR spectroscopy andmass spectrometry.