Ekonomiczne Problemy Usług (Jan 2015)

Innowacyjny most edukacyjny nauczania logistyki w szkołach ponadgimnazjalnych – projekt platformy e-learningowej EduBridge

  • Mariusz Jedliński,
  • Justyna Maria Myszak,
  • Mariusz Sowa

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 121


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The changes on the educational market in Poland has come a long way in recent years and is well on its way to becoming more sufficient. While the e-learning platforms has been mainstream on European markets, in Poland has been rarely used. Many Polish project for developing e-learning platforms focus on adopting them at each level of education system. The article shows the e-learning platform EduBridge as the linkage of professional university knowledge on logistic and the needs of high school in Poland. Research undertaken by authors shows also that publican and non-public schools acceptance of the platform market is steadily increasing. The presented indication is that e-learning platform EduBridge users view platforms as the ideal way to conduct their logistic knowledge going forward.