Vestnik Dermatologii i Venerologii (Aug 2017)

Using IgM methods in the diagnostics of syphilis

  • S. V. Rotanov,
  • F. A. Ermatova

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 0, no. 4
pp. 83 – 89


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The authors present the results of a questionnaire survey conducted in serological laboratories in 60 dermatovenerology enterprises in the subjects of the Russian Federation on the use of up-to-date methods for the determination of Class M antibodies for the diagnostics of early syphilis. It was revealed that treponemal specific Class M antibodies were determined in 86.67% of laboratories: the EIAIgM method was used in 86.67% of laboratories, IBIgM - in 18.33%, and PHTIgM - in 6.67% of laboratories only. The total number of IgM tests did not exceed 1.3% of the entire volume of immunochemical reactions conducted for the diagnostics of syphilis in laboratories in 2012; as for IgM methods, the use of EIAIgM prevailed - 97.27% while the frequency of using PHTIgM and IBIgM was 2.0 and 0.73%, respectively. In the authors’ opinion, such ratios were stipulated by the absence of production of kits made in Russia during the study period (in 2012) and allowed for use for methods such as PHTIgM and IBIgM while there was a wide choice of kits required for EIAIgM and laboratories had a long-term experience of using this method.