Этническая культура (Sep 2020)

Political Activity of Women on the Basis of Ethnocultural Features of Kyrgyz Society

  • Rahat M. Mukasheva

Journal volume & issue
no. 3 (4)
pp. 31 – 34


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The author outlines that nowadays, the question of the influence of gender stereotypes on the role and participation of Kyrgyz women in politics, from a linguistic point of view, has been little studied in Kyrgyzstan. The article is devoted to the ethnocultural traditions and gender stereotypes of the Kyrgyz society that affect the activity and involvement of women in the political life of the state. The author pays attention to the role of Kyrgyz women in the history of the country, examines Kyrgyz proverbs and folk clichés, which are the folk heritage of the people. The purpose of the article is to identify ethnocultural factors that determine the gender roles of men and women, as well as their impact on society. Research methods. During the study a descriptive method was applied. The following folklore materials were taken as a basis: Kyrgyz proverbs from "Kyrgyz makal, lakap, uchkul sozdoru" by M. Ibragimov, traditional rules of relationships between people of different ages and genders, principles of youth upbringing. As a result of the analysis, the author concludes that the traditions and stereotypes of Kyrgyz society endow men and women with gender traditional roles: a man plays a major role in the family, in society and is engaged in “male affairs”, while a woman is assigned a secondary role, she only deals with home and family. It is emphasized that such attitudes largely limit the political activity of women.