Evaluation of three topical anaesthetic agents against pain : A clinical study

Indian Journal of Dental Research. 2006;17(4):155-160


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Journal Title: Indian Journal of Dental Research

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Nayak R
Sudha P


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<b>AIM</b> : To compare pain responses of children during local anaesthetic infiltration at bilateral buccal sites prepared with topical application of EMLA 5&#x0025; cream, benzocaine 18&#x0025; gel or lignocaine 5&#x0025; ointment and also to find out the rapidity of onset of action of these agents. <b>METHODS</b> : 60 healthy children aged 6 to 12 years old, received bilateral buccal infiltration following application of topical anaesthetic agents applied in a double blind design. Pain responses were compared based on subject self report using visual analogue scale (VAS) and operator assessment using Sound -Eye -Motor (SEM) scale. <b>RESULTS</b> : Benzocaine gel had the rapidest onset of action. EMLA 5&#x0025; cream proved to be superior in pain reduction compared to benzocaine and lignocaine. Taste acceptance was better with benzocaine gel. Further studies are required for EMLA cream with an improved formulation more suitable for mucosal application before its routine use in dentistry.