Antarctic Record (Feb 1982)

Activities in the Dry Valleys area during the 1980-1981 field season

  • Shyu Nakaya,
  • Tetsuya Torii,
  • Tsurahide Cho,
  • Eitarou Wada,
  • Genki Matsumoto

Journal volume & issue
no. 74
pp. 324 – 329


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Five Japanese geochemists visited Scott Base and the Dry Valleys area to carry out the geophysical and geochemical research programs for a period from December 1980 to January 1981. The main research subjects in this season were; 1) geophysical study of water temperature of Lake Vanda, 2) determination of stable nitrogen isotope ratio, ^N/^N, of the sediments and lake waters in the Dry Valleys area and at a penguin rockery in Ross Island, 3) distribution of organic matters in the sediments and lake waters, 4) geochemical studies on the fresh and saline lakes, and distribution of evaporites in the Dry Valleys area.