Animals (Jul 2022)

Review of Associated Health Benefits of Algal Supplementation in Cattle with Reference to Bovine Respiratory Disease Complex in Feedlot Systems

  • Marnie Willett,
  • Michael Campbell,
  • Ebony Schoenfeld,
  • Esther Callcott

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 12, no. 1943
p. 1943


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Within the Australian beef industry bovine respiratory disease is considered one of the most common disease and costs the industry an average net loss of $1647.53 Australian dollars per animal death to bovine respiratory disease complex (BRD). This is due to the disease overwhelming the animal’s immune system during a period where they experience multiple stressors that consequently increase the animal’s susceptivity to disease. Research into the bioactive compounds commonly found in marine algae is rapidly increasing due to its positive health benefits and potential immune modulating properties. Algal supplementation within previous studies has resulted in improved reproduction potential, growth performance, increases antioxidant activity and decreased proinflammatory cytokine concentrations. Additional research is required to further understand the aetiology of BRD and complete analysis of the bioavailability of these bioactive compounds within marine algae to fully explore the potential of marine algae supplementation.