Gephyra (May 2021)

Der Bildhauer „Moschos Kallippos” aus Synnada. Ein kleines Corrigendum zum Künstlerlexikon der Antike

  • Nalan Eda Akyürek Şahin

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 21
pp. 231 – 235


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In this small article, a mistake made in the "Kallippos" and "Moschos" entries in the dictionary "Künstlerlexikon der Antike" is corrected. The author of these entries T. Lochman stated that Kallippos and Moschos were two separate sculptors and consequently wrote a separate dic-tionary entry for each of them. The inscription on which Lochman based was found in As-pendos and inscribed in a curved manner on the skirt of the mantle of a Hera statue preserved today in the Antalya Museum (see fig. 1-9). The inscription is complete and it reads: Moschos, son of Moschos, also called Kallippos, from Synnada. In other words, the person who made this Hera statue is a single person whose name is Moschos alias Kallippos. It is understood that Lochman made this mistake because he possibly did not see the older publications where the inscription was publi¬shed, which made him think that two different sculptors were in ques-tion. Therefore, he provided two separate entries in the dictionary a mistake which is corrected now in this contribution.