Research in Molecular Medicine (2017-02-01)

Roadmap to Stop the Predatory Journals: Author\'s Perspective

  • Amin Talebi

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 5, no. 1
pp. 1 – 5


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Recent disgracing reports are warning the scientific communities to think more about the solutions to win the battle against predatory journals and publishers. Current integrity and accuracy in science is a result of decades of honest works and publications which are an asset, now everyone as stakeholders of science should feel the responsibility to sustain its high privileged level. The ethical sides of this duty need careful considerations by science stakeholders worldwide. Boosting the weak resume, getting higher and faster promotion and permanent jobs in academia cannot figure out as reasonable excuses to publish unethically. Hereby, I suggest a practical roadmap based on certain strategies which are recommendable for the scientific community. This paper describes author‘s perspective about predatory journals and how we can stop them. Moreover, following the appearance of the predatory journal, this is a first article discussing root cause analysis on this global scientific problem. Last but not least, predatory journals are not too bad! Since they can be considered as a critical discriminatory tool to distinguish between individuals who work truly standard and who pretend to work standard.