Verbum et Ecclesia (Aug 1987)

Gemeentebediening en evangelisasieperspektief

  • M. Nel

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 8, no. 1
pp. 52 – 61


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The Local Church and Evangelism For more than one reason local churches often miss true perspective of Evangelism. Too often its Evangelism ministry consists of a course, a program or an isolated rally. Some of the issues that have to be put right are; a lack of vision regarding the cosmological consequences of the Gospel; a deterministic view on the election; a neglect of the many estranged people; a "volkskirche''-mentality where estranged members are accepted as normal. What is needed is a new awareness of the calling of the total body of Christ to bear witness to the Gospel. Evangelism should be part and parcel of the daily life of a healthy Church.