Развитие образования (Nov 2018)

Templates and algorithms in the mathematical engineering training

  • Viktoriia G. Kazakevich,
  • Elena A. Tolkacheva

Journal volume & issue
no. 2 (2)
pp. 13 – 19


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The work considers the types of thinking and levels of their formation, based on a two-factor classification of educational tasks. Examples of pattern tasks and algorithm tasks are given. It was hypothesized that a transition to the next level of education implies a step in the predominance of the type of thinking (in the proposed typology). The main methods of testing the hypothesis will be the development of systems of tasks-markers to identify the type of thinking and the level of its formation; a comparative analysis of types of thinking formation and the success of training, its effectiveness; classification of educational mathematical problems for the formation of the program of the future engineer.