Prévalence de parasites gastro-intestinaux et inventaire de mollusques dans les Hauts-Plateaux d'Uvira, est du Zaïre

Tropicultura. 1996;14(4):129-133


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Journal Title: Tropicultura

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Country of publisher: Belgium

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Bagalwa, M.

Masunga, M.

Balagizi, K.

Ntumba, K.


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Prevalance of Gastro-Intestinal Parasites and Snail Inventory in the High-Plateaus of Uvira, Eastern Zaire. Investigations on the cattlebreeding state have been carried out in the High Plateaus of Uvira in view to elucidate the importance of the parasitic pathology on the development of the cattle. The epidemiological study of gastro-intestinal diseases of the cattle and the snail inventory have been done in order to show, on the one hand, the nature, frequency and the gravity of gastrointestinal parasites and on the other hand, the causes of these infestations. Among the 318 samples of faeces examined, 311 have been positive (97.8 %). The main parasites observed from the coproscopy were : Eimeria sp or Coccidia (92.1 %), Schistosoma bovis (83.0) %, Buxtonella sp (40.6 %), Haemonchus sp (29.2 %), Trichostrongylus sp (23.9 %), Cooperia sp (10.1 %), Chabertia sp (11.9 %), Moniezia sp (15.1 %) Strongyloides sp (6.3 %), Fasciola hepatica (8.2 %), Ostertagia sp (5.3 %), Toxocara vitulorum (11.9 %), Oesophagostomum sp (4.4 %), Bunostomum sp (3.5 %) et Nematodirus sp (0.6 %). Seven species of snails have been sampled such as the aquatic species Pisidium casertanum, P. nitidum (Sphaeridae), Segmentorbis sp (Planorbidae), Syrnolopsis gracilis (Syrnolopsis) and Potadomoides schouterdeni and the terrestrial one Burtoa sp and an other one which still remains indetermined.