Journal of Agricultural Extension (Jun 2018)

Women Involvement in Shea Butter Production in North Central States of Nigeria

  • Christiana Chibuako Okolo,
  • Friday Omoregbee,
  • Grace Alufohai

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 22, no. 2


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Abstract The study assessed women involvement in shea butter processing activities in the north central states of Nigeria. The specific objectives included the examination of the socio-economic characteristics of the women involved in shea butter production in Niger and Nassarawa states, ascertained their level of involvement and identified factors influencing their involvement in shea butter production. To achieve these objectives data were collected from 197 respondents from Niger and Nassarawa states using questionnaire and interview schedule. Data collected were analysed using descriptive statistics (frequency distribution, mean), t-test and multiple regression. Results revealed that majority (89.6%) of the respondents had 11 years’ experience in shea butter production. They were married, illiterate, young with the average age of 36 years and average family size of 8. Many belonged to cooperatives (about 58%). Multiple regression results revealed that age (b=-0.084), household size (b = 0.091), production experience (b = 0.175), income (0.203) and membership of cooperatives (b = 1.845) had a significant influence on the women level of involvement in shea butter production activities. Household size, production experience and income generation of the respondents were positively related to their level of participation since their coefficient are positive (i.e. b = 0.203; b = 0.175; b = 0.203 respectively). The study recommends among others that acquisition of formal education, household size, membership to cooperative societies influence positively women participation in shea butter production. Key Words: Women, Shea butter production, Nigeria